Cost of Living in Bath for International Students

Bath is one of the renowned cities for the beauty of its history, culture, and architecture. The city attracts many visitors every year and it offers a great range of things to see and do. Now you should wonder about the cost of living in Bath as an international student. This depends on what your standards of living are like at the home. But if you are looking for an affordable way to study in one of the UK’s most beautiful cities. Bath is one of the most inexpensive places and thus the student can easily study here.  

Is Bath an expensive place to stay?

The cost of living in Bath is around £1,283 per month. This amount does not include tuition fees, however, it will include food, transportation, and student accommodation Bath. Please bear in mind that the cost of your expenses will depend upon your lifestyle. For more personalized information, it is important that you use the cost of living calculator so that you can estimate your desired area’s average cost of living. Below we list down the cost of living in Bath. The expenses are mentioned below:

  • Average Tuition Fees- £16,500 to £30,000 / Year
  • Accommodation- £587 – £1,387 / Month
  • Transportation- £112 / Month

The cost of student accommodation in Bath

Bath is one of the top-notch study destinations and it attracts students across the world. The cost of student accommodation depends completely on location, amenities, and so on. It is easy to fund accommodation as the cost is not higher. There is student housing, private apartments, and university halls. So, below are the different types of student housing to help you make an informed decision.

  • Student housing: Student housing or PBSA is managed and owned by private institutes. It is built and intended to meet the student’s requirement for a contented stay. It is generally close to the building campus and within easy reach of the university. they offer the students privacy, independence as well and secure living space. Most of the accommodations are located at a distance. While the ones outside of the city center are around 20 miles apart.

Ensuite/Studio: £587 – £933 / Month

  • Private apartments: Private apartments are another kind of student housing option. These are managed and owned privately. They offer privacy as well as independent living. You will find many options. You can easily take up the whole place or rent it with a friend. All the apartments come with modern facilities.

Private accommodation: £833 – £1,387 / Month

  • University Halls: These are residential buildings that are offered by the universities for students. these are built to accommodate students who are attending the universities. The building is situated within the campus and they offer private and shared rooms.

Ensuite/Studio: £600 – £1,200 / Month


When staying at a new place you need to consider the money spent on travel. If the room is near the campus then you can save money. If you go with a private accommodation then you must be sure that the properties are located in the close proximity of all universities. The price of the bus is £1.50 for a ticket and £2.50 for a day’s pass.  You can also travel by train. Going for BathRider Bus Passes can help you grab discounts.


As far as nightlife is concerned, the cost in Bath is average. Depending on the club and the weekend, the tickets will vary from £5 to £10. Drinks in the club might appear really costly, but the bars and pubs in Bath tend to provide concessions to all the students. also, the bus operates round the clock which makes it really reasonable to get to and from the club.

Eating Out

When it comes to eating out or drinking, there are several choices that offer outstanding value for your money. You can take the choice from a wide range of pubs where you can taste locally brewed ciders as well as foreign labels. You can come across many economical options too. However, if you want to live life king size then Bath doesn’t lack luxurious high-end restaurants. You can have complete fun over here. try the tapas-based restaurants that use only local ingredients. If you live in a student accommodation and go out to eat.

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