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Summary: If you’re a prominent user of Microsoft Outlook, there is no secret like other users, you are also in the same queue of facing the issue of duplicate emails. Since you are seeking methods to stop duplicate emails in Outlook. For the same, finding the solution is a hard nut to crack. Despite this, in this article, we will address the reasons behind downloading duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook and thus, discuss the root of the problem and its solutions in detail. So, you need to read the article thoroughly and get the best tips to prevent these issues respectively. 

Microsoft Outlook, one of the most popular desktop-based email clients. This is easy to use yet offers multiple issues to its users. One of those is the frequent duplicity of emails which leads to the sluggish performance of Outlook. Now, you are significantly struggling to know how to fix duplicate emails in Outlook. 

These problems unfold a path of new issues that result in troubling performance in Outlook. And, you aren’t the first who is dealing with this issue. Undoubtedly, it includes various complexities and technical issues to resolve the problem. Therefore, while moving gradually with the flow of this article, you will understand the reason behind the email duplicity. Also, we will list the methods to stop duplicate emails in Outlook. Let’s begin the article while delving into the reasons as well as finding the user’s queries. 

Explain the Cause of Duplicate Emails in Microsoft Outlook

If you’re a frequent user of MS Outlook; one of the renowned desktop-based email clients compared to other applications. On the other hand, receiving duplicate emails doesn’t occur for the first time with you. Therefore, it is mandatory to stop duplicate emails in Outlook to agile the performance of the application. Now, we’ll be going to list the root problem when this situation arises. 

  • Incorrect Account Configuration:- The Incorrect account configuration refers to the condition when you make a mistake while configuring your email account in your Outlook application. Also, this is among the most frequent practices done by users and the outcomes of this issue lead to the duplicity of emails, Tasks, Contacts, Calendars, and so on. 
  • Send/ Receive Option:- The second situation occurs once your inbox synchronization doesn’t perform properly. As a result, it will constantly make multiple copies of emails. Thus, you need to fix duplicate emails in Outlook for the higher performance of your application. 
  • Incorrect Set-up of Account Settings:- After all the above-mentioned problems, the third circumstance arises when you configure one email account multiple times. Hence, if you receive a mail then, it will gradually make copies again and again. And, there is no secret that you have a junk of duplicate messages in your Outlook account. 
  • Antivirus Problem:- The antivirus issue increases the possibility of impacting the process of Send/Receive in your Outlook application. Hence, you are looking for methods to stop duplicate emails in Outlook. 

Now, you have a complete overview of the reasons behind the duplicity of email in the Outlook application. With this, we will discuss the manual or non-automatic methods to resolve this issue easily. 

Manual Methods to Fix Duplicate Emails in Outlook 

In this section, we will broadly explore the techniques to stop duplicate emails in Outlook. Let’s unfold the list of methods:

1) Manage Rules Correctly

There is no doubt that incorrect configuration of Rules can hamper your work completely. Therefore, you need to implement the Rules and check the errors to avoid the duplicity of email messages in your Outlook application. Now, let’s find out how you can manage the Rule correctly. 

  • Run Outlook then, click on Rules in the Move section from the ribbon bar.
  • Now, in the Rule section, you can choose the options Create Rule or Manage Rules & Alerts 
  • Here, you need to check the errors of email duplicity and remove them manually. 
  • After following these steps, you can fix the issue easily 

(Pro Tip:- Is it tricky to follow these above-mentioned steps to stop duplicate emails in Outlook? Probably, your answer would be affirmative. Therefore, you need to use the advanced methods to resolve this problem. However, you can try this method once to improve the performance of Outlook.) 

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2) Check Inbox Send and Receive Frequency 

Microsoft Outlook significantly offers synchronization features to frequently manage the send and receive emails. However, there are high chance that if you set up a short duration between the interchange of the emails then, there are possibilities of duplicity in this process which can hamper the efficiency of Microsoft Outlook. So, let’s proceed to know these steps thoroughly. 

  • Start the MS Outlook application and then, select Send/Receive tap from the ribbon bar 
  • Now, click on Send/Receive Groups and then, Define Send/Receive Groups
  • Here, you need to increase the frequency from the Schedule and automatically send/receive every to stop duplicate emails in Outlook. Now, close the dialog box. 

(Note:- If you find these steps difficult to follow then, probably, you’re not alone. Also, it is not a one-stop solution instead you need to check the duplicity manually. Moreover, many fail to implement the steps correctly. Therefore, you need to understand these steps thoroughly to remove duplicate emails flawlessly.)   

Now, you have brief solutions to resolve the issue of redundant emails. Since the manual methods retain higher possibilities of errors while performing them. More interestingly, these above-mentioned methods will not completely fix duplicate emails in Outlook. Hence, you will experience the sluggish performance of Outlook and remain in the same position after spending hours on these methods. 

Now, we will provide you with a one-stop solution in the next section that certainly going to ease your problem completely. So, let’s understand the alternative method to sort out the issue. 

Know the Best Alternative Solution to Stop Duplicate Emails in Outlook

In this following section, we will broadly explore the most versatile yet professional choice to solve the issue of duplicate mailboxes. Whether you run a business or work individually, you significantly perform the send and receive process throughout the day for the same to avoid the mockery of emails; you need to fix duplicate emails in Outlook for the better performance of the application without compromising your productivity. 

Therefore, to abstain from these issues, you should use professionally recommended- SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover; one of the best experts examined duplicate email remover tools to ease the problem of Outlook users. Now, it’s time to learn how to run this software quickly. 

  • Install the above-mentioned tool and run it in your system
  • Now, choose and upload the file (.pst file format) while selecting the Add File 
  • After following these steps, there is an option to choose between Within or Across Folder 
  • Here, click on the Change and then, choose the location to save the PST file after completing the cleaning of duplicate emails from the file 
  • Interestingly, this tool provides freedom to every individual to select the data of Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Journals, and Notes to remove duplicate folders. In other words, this software is not limited to the identity of the duplicity in the emails only, however, offers more options to clean up the space. 
  • Now, click on Specify Duplicate Criteria to fix duplicate emails in Outlook 
  • Therefore, after following these steps, you can easily remove the duplicity of your mailbox. Now, finish the procedure and examine the resultant file. 

(Note:- Using this software can ease your duplicity problem however, there is no specific set of guidelines to stop email re-duplication. Instead, if you use this tool, it will help you improve the sluggish performance of your Outlook application and provide more space in the PST file.)


We understand it is difficult to manage plenty of emails at once. Besides this, the duplicity of the emails can further bring more hurdles to your work. However, using the above-mentioned methods you can stop duplicate emails in Outlook. Since, if you follow the manual approach then, certainly, you’re going to make your task more tricky. Instead, using a demo version of the software that is mentioned in the article can automatically ease your problem and agile your work. Also, you can try both methods and then, make your choice while examining the time and convenience parameters. 

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