Why Cebu Is a Leading Outsourcing Destination and How it Can Power Up Your Business Processes and Growth?

Among the oldest cities in the Philippines is Cebu. Different colonial conquerors and Filipino heroes have traversed its land, and it is now an attractive destination for businesses intending to explore outsourcing. Call centers in Cebu are the popular choice for offshore outsourcing for some indispensable reasons. Therefore, the Queen City of the South has experienced extraordinary economic growth in recent years thanks to global firms setting up shop here, and this trend seems to stay longer in the global outsourcing landscape. So, learn why an increasing number of businesses are opting to outsource and invest in Cebu to ensure you choose the right contact center or Call center in Cebu for your business.

The Outsourcing Business in Cebu Is Growing

More organizations chose to outsource to Cebu. Cebu is currently one of the biggest outsourcing hubs in the Philippines, just after Metro Manila. Also, Cebu IT Park opened its doors to experts and enterprises in 2002, and since then, it has been entertaining IT and ITes businesses.
Despite the epidemic and several lockdowns, Cebu’s business process outsourcing (BPO) sector has managed to grow consistently in the past few years. The drive to outsource to a contact center or Call center in Cebu is still strong as businesses shift their activities online and operate remotely. Moreover, according to a report, Cebu City is in the top 52 cities in the Global Innovation City Index.

Four Undeniable Justifications for Outsourcing to Cebu

There are multiple reasons for thinking about outsourcing to Cebu. The advantages may outweigh any reservations you have about outsourcing to this location. Here are a few advantages of outsourcing to Cebu:

An abundance of people who speak English

Given that English is the Philippines’ national language, most professionals easily speak it. At schools, English instruction begins at prekindergarten.
Cebuanos have become known for having a solid command of English. It may be owing to their frequent encounters with international visitors. English language schools can also be found all around the province.

Reduced overhead expenses

Cebu’s pricing is not comparable to those in Greater Manila. Compared to cities in Metro Manila, rent is less expensive, utilities are less costly, and total living expenses are often lower.

Businesses looking to outsource and save money on costs will find that options outside Manila offer the greatest value.

A young workforce

Metro Cebu is witnessing a significant increase in its professional population due to the annual graduation of college students. A large percentage of Cebuano residents pursue their careers in the city even though most young professionals choose to live in Metro Manila or overseas. And a large number of them work in the outsourcing and IT industries.

Metro Manila vs. Cebu Outsourcing

The Philippines’ two most important metropolitan hubs are Manila and Cebu. Despite their many similarities, one stands out due to significant distinctions.

These factors suggest Cebu would be a preferable outsourcing location to Metro Manila.

Reduced prices for commercial rentals

Metro Manila and Cebu are both thriving corporate centers. However, Cebu provides private office rentals at prices that are far less expensive than in Manila. Individuals who don’t have regular jobs, like freelancers, also benefit from substantially lower coworking space fees.

Steadfast local economy

Local government units have been making reforms and improvements to accept an increasing number of BPO businesses within their community. These organizations not only provide working professionals with fresh options and opportunities but also benefit nearby local companies related to this industry, benefitting from its growth or vis-a-vis.

For instance, local restaurants and retail establishments catering to office workers seeking affordable meals and other employment requirements are seeing growth and success with call centers in Cebu.
Reduction of traffic delays

The constant traffic that residents of Metro Manila have to deal with is one of their main complaints. You should anticipate traffic jams on the roads, whether it is day or night. Even though there are occasionally traffic delays in Cebu, particularly during rush hour, the city’s traffic is significantly less congested and unpleasant than that of Manila.

Things to Think About Before Considering Outsourcing to Cebu

There are a few things you should think about before committing to an outsourcing project to a Call center in Cebu.

Company qualities

Some of the finest corporate cultures in history are found in BPOs. It is due to the fact that certain accounts or projects are often more demanding than others, and a call center must be able to handle all accounts efficiently.

Outsourcing businesses frequently look out for their employees, implementing employee-first policies and maintaining cutting-edge facilities. For these kinds of businesses, employee engagement is crucial to remain productive.

Does the BPO company you’re targeting share your vision and mission? Does their business’s virtue translate to the marketplace? Before outsourcing to Cebu, consider asking some of these questions.

Project limitations and scope

Companies may hire for the season, particularly those in the retail and e-commerce sectors. How long would the contract last if your company and a BPO company partnered? Which positions and duties would be prioritized throughout the outsourcing process?
It is an additional element that must be considered because certain outsourcing companies only work with long-term customers.

Timeline for outsourcing

In five years, where do you envision your business? Account managers could inquire about it if you consider working together on an outsourced project. It is always beneficial to know how the relationship will develop down the road, particularly in a large business like outsourcing and offshore.

Disparities in time zones

Since the entire Philippines runs on GMT 8+, there will be time zone differences if your business is based in the Western Hemisphere. But to meet the operational hours, most BPO agents in the Philippines who deal with foreign accounts typically work graveyard shifts.

Wrap Up

Philippines contact centers or call centers can have significant competitive advantages that differentiate them from other offshore outsourcing choices. Call centers in Manila are popular among US-based or worldwide businesses. However, the Call center in Cebu offers a few significant advantages that are highly beneficial for companies intending to outsource their operations to the Philippines. Carefully examine the BPO company and its outsourcing centers in the Philippines to select the right contact center services to obtain the best business outcome from outsourcing.

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