Eight Fantastic Techniques and Industry Best Practices for Outsourcing eCommerce Customer Support

Improving customer service is essential in highly customer-centric eCommerce businesses. However, it cannot be possible with outsourcing processes to an experienced BPO or BPM company. But it takes careful handling and extensive planning to make it a successful endeavor. To get your e-commerce business an edge, outsourcing a good start, and heading the entire journey in the correct direction, you need to make a few key decisions and take some necessary steps while outsourcing tasks and running an eCommerce contact center.

The following are some recommended practices for outsourcing customer care for your eCommerce or online store:

Best Practices and Techniques to Outsource e-Commerce Processes

1. Establish Your Goals and Make a Plan

Setting business objectives for outsourcing is essential, just like in any business in e-commerce. Establishing your business’s goals and objectives is a must before introducing a new initiative, service, or product to ensure its success. When you are considering outsourcing your online store’s customer support to an eCommerce contact center, consider your ultimate goals. Next, create a detailed strategy keeping the following in mind:

  • Goals of your eCommerce outsourcing initiative
  • Objectives achieved through customer service
  • A list of the resources, technology, and staffing requirements that you need for this initiative
  • Things to consider while choosing a BPO provider

2. Establish Metrics for Customer Service

Metrics are used to monitor, assess, and enhance individual and company performance. These represent expectations that all customer care representatives must meet. So, it is crucial to establish your KPIs before you start outsourcing your processes to an eCommerce contact center. Also, ensure the third-party provider you hired adheres strictly to these KPIs.

The KPIs listed below are essential to guaranteeing top-notch customer service in contact centers:

Average handling time (AHT): Average handling time (AHT)is often used as a reliable metric to measure service efficiency. The agent’s call handling time, wait time, and even after-call work (ACW) are all included in a comprehensive calculation to gauge service efficiency. First response time (FRT), call abandonment rate, and first call resolution (FCR) are further measures.

Quality and compliance: The QA score is the most often used statistic for this KPI. A group of quality analysts is often assigned to audit calls at a call center to guarantee consistency and high-quality service. Compliance specialists work in contact centers as well, monitoring calls to make sure that company standards are followed to the letter.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Feedback: The most important statistic is the customer satisfaction (CSAT) score. So, after every conversation, agents from eCommerce contact centers usually offer to survey consumers, and some might choose to complete them. These polls gauge how satisfied customers are with the provided services.

3. Assure Continued Cooperation and Communication among All Parties

Effective communication is essential for business success since it enables individuals to collaborate toward a shared objective. All parties engaged in a business must communicate with each other on a regular basis. Working with a third-party service provider is part of outsourcing ecommerce or outsourcing retail services to a retail or eCommerce contact center. Specify the customer service requirements for your online store in detail and offer your outside vendor the following information:

  • Your company’s objectives and goals
  • The established metrics for support for customers
  • You require both material and human resources.
  • Other important factors need to be considered.

You must also be aware of the requirements of your consumers if you want to guarantee that the BPO can meet them completely. Don’t forget to assist with the following:

  • Familiarity with goods or services
  • expertise with customer service Expertise 
  • Training modules and resources
  • Technology and tools (like software and applications

It is essential to have regular discussions, mentoring, and training. To give your customers the best possible customer service, you should work together with your BPO service provider.

4. Recognize and Address Cultural Disparities

Most businesses in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia opt to outsource retail services or eCommerce customer service to other nations. India and the Philippines come to mind first when these businesses discuss offshore BPO companies. China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and other Asian nations account for the bulk of the outsourcing business. But in Latin America, the BPO industry has already begun to expand.

People and companies need to be appreciative of cultural diversity. Make sure you comprehend the customs and culture of the nation before outsourcing to a BPO provider your eCommerce contact center services since they may influence your company’s operations and financial results. Above all, it is imperative to address these cultural disparities. You should always include cultural exposure in your orientation and training.

5. Make Use of Digital Resources and Tools

Particularly during the outbreak, the corporate world has experienced a fast digital transition and significant technical innovation in recent years. For BPO organizations, using digital tools and technology is even more essential. Call centers or eCommerce contact centers need to use these technology resources since they serve customers from all over the world. Here are a few instances:

  • AI assistance.
  • Call distribution systems
  • Technologies for cloud-based communication
  • Systems for customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Tools for managing and analyzing data
  • Tools for social media

Ensure the outsourcing provider has the technology and digital tools needed for customer support. By integrating these technologies, you may streamline your company’s operations and support your customer care agents in giving their best efforts.

6. Encourage and Maintain a Culture Focusing on the customer

The goal of customer service is to satisfy and even surpass the customer’s demand. Maintain and advance a customer-focused culture when outsourcing your customer service. Collaborate with a BPO provider that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

You can discuss the following suggested steps with your third-party service provider:

  • Managing furious customers in a professional manner
  • Resolving issues on the first call
  • Having empathy
  • Listening attentively
  • Understanding consumer concerns
  • Keeping customers informed and following up to resolve their issue
  • Handling and completing requests from customers
  • Addressing concerns from customers

7. Determine Your Budget for Outsourcing and Request BPO Service Rates

Every business’s primary concern is always the cost of outsourcing. Businesses will often choose the most economical rate offered by BPM or BPO companies offering eCommerce contact centers.

  • Don’t forget to do in-depth research before seeking to outsource retail services or eCommerce processes. For successful outcomes, execute the following actions:
  • Determine what you can afford and what services to incorporate when setting your outsourcing budget.
  • Look around, get many quotations, and evaluate costs and expenses for BPO or BPM offerings.
  • Finally, choose the most suitable BPO provider.

However, consider any hidden costs before signing a contract. In addition to the amounts specified in the contract, the BPO provider may impose additional costs. These consist of costs for technical assistance, software updates, and add-on services like upselling and cross-selling.

Prioritize corporate reputation, service quality, and industry experience above outsourcing prices before selecting. Remember, these qualities can contribute to the success of your online store’s customer service. In the long term, the money you invest will pay off.

Endnote: Select the Appropriate BPO Firm

Ultimately, selecting the best outsourcing option separates the top ecommerce businesses. A top BPO service provider for eCommerce customer support can offer competitive advantages. The BPO or eCommerce contact center must possess the necessary resources, technology, industry experience, knowledge, and expertise to perform customer service tasks. Moreover, it will ensure superior CX and long-term sustenance and growth.

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