Export Rackspace Emails to PDF Format [Quickly]

Summary:- There is no doubt that Rackspace is considered as one of the most prominent and multifold cloud-storage webmail. Moreover, its high dimension services revolve around Cloud Files, Cloud Backup, and Cloud Block Storage which is significantly useful for businesses and professionals across the World. Despite the amazing performance and inference of this web-based email client, you might be looking for methods to export Rackspace emails to pdf due to any reason. Thus, while delving into this article, we’ll unfold the user’s queries and the easiest method to download the backup of emails without any loss of data. Before heading to the techniques, let’s first read an interesting user query that you indeed resonate with your current situation. 

“User Query:- Hello Folks! I’m running a company. Since there is a yearly backup audit and compliance in our organization. Interestingly, we have more than 400 Rackspace accounts, and creating a copy of the complete data manual is quite impossible. For the same, I need a quick solution to export Rackspace emails to pdf that certainly helps me to agile the procedure. Besides this, it supports data protection or secure crucial documents from any kind of malware attacks, and is even convenient for the recovery process. Therefore, please suggest to me the hassle-free and secure solutions.”

Now, lift your arms if you’re dealing with the same issues and get tired while reading piles of information provided on the internet. Through this article, you can get a complete understanding of the advanced yet manual approach for Rackspace export mailbox. Now, in the upcoming section of this article, we’ll unfold the reasons to save the emails of Rackspace.

Rackspace Export Mailbox- Know the Reason to Export 

Rackspace is one of the renowned and trusted American multi-cloud computing services; it offers the technical acumen for businesses and like-minded professionals to ease their workflow and manage emails using secured webmail. Most interestingly, it effectively provides high accessibility from remote locations and convenient support from the panel to its clients. However, if you’re working or running an organization, you might be seeking solutions to export Rackspace emails to PDF. Thus, it is important for data recovery and managing the data. 

Besides this, there is no surprise that you may receive hundreds of emails in your Rackspace account. Hence, if you’re planning to save a copy of your entire data then, doing it manually is time-consuming yet frustrating for the users. Before heading to advanced solutions, let’s first find out the reasons why you need to save Rackspace emails. 

  • Audit and Compliance:- We have already mentioned the user query related to the regulatory audits and lawsuits for the company. Also, having a copy of the data locally is quite a relief for the organization to secure itself from any breach and data recovery flawlessly.   
  • Flexibility:- If you export Rackspace emails to PDF, it is easier and more compatible for the user. You can share the document in a wide range of operating systems such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and so on. Interestingly, you can access the information in the remote network connectivity. 
  • Compact Size:- Besides the regulatory audit and flexibility, saving the emails in a PDF file format comes in a small size that significantly adds relief while sharing the data with another email client. 
  • Storage Limit:- Another reason to save a copy of Rackspace data in your operating system as it provides the privilege to store data up to 25 GB. Once you exceed the limit you will face difficulties during the interface and are unable to send or receive emails. Thus, performing Rackspace export mailbox in your system can provide aid for the users to access old and redundant emails as well. 

Hence, you might understand the importance of having a backup mailbox will make your journey a cakewalk. Also, professionals should save their crucial attachments and emails locally to protect themselves from any kind of data loss. Now, it’s time to find out the simplest and most useful method to save emails.

Export Rackspace Emails to PDF Using Advanced Solution 

Now, we will discuss the most relevant method to download the entire email data of your Rackspace locally in your operating system. Most importantly, using the advanced and automatic methods to backup Rackspace emails can agile your task without any risk. Thus, it is recommended to use IMAP Backup Software to export Rackspace emails to PDF. 

Moreover, this method can help you to save your amble of emails in a few steps. Despite this, it allows users to filter the data using data filters and has amazing options that can add more convenience. Now, let’s learn the step-by-step procedure to run this tool. 

(Pro Tip:- You can run this software in the Mac operating system and avail the robust features for Rackspace export mailbox. Use the below-mentioned steps to install the application.)

  • Download and Run the tool on your Mac system 
  • Now, select the IMAP account such as Rackspace 
  • Here, you need to provide your user credentials and then, the tool automatically, fills your Port no. 
  • After this, click on the pdf file format and go to Advanced Settings. Then, move the cursor to change the destination
  • Now, select Start Backup and begin the whole procedure

Therefore, using these few steps you can conveniently export Rackspace emails to PDF without any kind of data malware. Moreover, you can also check out various options available in the tool to make your export quick and hassle-free. As we have discussed the manual approach and find it easy to set up. Now, head to the manual approach to provide you with a better understanding of non-automatic techniques. 

Rackspace Export Mailbox: Get Manual Solution

Undoubtedly, the manual method is tiresome and retains the high possibility of loss of crucial data. Despite this, we will still provide you with the in-house method to export Rackspace emails to PDF. Hence, follow these below-mentioned steps and get the complete overview to save the emails of Rackspace.  

  • To download the emails manually, you need to sign in Archive Manager
  • Now, in the left-side corner of the Dashboard, go to Searches
  • With this, in the Searches section locate the searched email and then, select Run 
  • Here, select all the checkbox items to export emails and go to Export 
  • After following this, click on the file format 
  • Now, name the export file and mark the notification to get a ping once it is exported
  • Next, select the Request Export 
  • Finally, go to Download to export the emails from Rackspace

(Note:- There are multiple complications with the manual approach as it offers the export with limited file size. Most importantly, you can’t export Rackspace emails to PDF in bulk. Therefore, it is recommended to use automatic software to save emails at once without any error or risk.) 

The Bottom Line 

While wrapping up this article, we have learned about the manual and advanced solutions to export Rackspace emails to PDF. Moreover, there is no crossroad that a non-automatic approach can ruin your time and efforts due to the tricky and failure. On the other hand, advanced or professionally designed software can help you to export the exact copy of your mailbox regardless of data loss and malware. Also, using the above-mentioned tool can avoid the chances of failure and challenges present in the non-automatic approach. 

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