Rackspace Vs AWS: Know the Complete Comparison Here

User query:- Hey Folks! Recently, I came across two email hosting solutions namely Rackspace and AWS workmail. Moreover, I’m really inquisitive to know the comparison of Rackspace vs AWS to get a complete understanding of their features. Therefore, I can choose the right platform to expand my business connection. Thank you in advance for appreciating my query. 

Summary: There is no doubt that Rackspace and Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the renowned email service providers that offer distinctive unparalleled features. In other words, both email companies serve their own set of uniqueness to their users. Moreover, in this article, we will briefly talk about Rackspace vs AWS Workmail. Besides this, we aim to provide a better understanding of these email services. Therefore, you need to read this article in detail to get the overview at once. 

These days, professionals are not relying upon one email client. In other words, there are various factors such as security, data safety, seamless access, email transmission, and so on that motivate users to switch from one email client to another. In this article, we will be focusing on the features and relevance of using Rackspace and AWS (Amazon Web Services) Workmail. Speaking of Rackspace; one of the foremost and highly preferred choices when looking for cloud-based webmail. Besides this, its robust services consist of Cloud files, Cloud block storage, cloud backup, and more.

On the other hand, AWS Workmail is a well-organized email service provided by Amazon Web Services. And, if you have a doubt related to whether Rackspace better than AWS then, let’s first understand the significance of using these services. 

Rackspace Webmail: Significance and Features 

Rackspace Webmail is one of the most prominent and well-known email hosting services served by Rackspace itself. Moreover, Rackspace is a renowned cloud-computing organization offering easy-to-manage webmail. Further, it offers a wide range of services including captivating email designs that aim to meet with the different needs of businesses and professionals. 

Besides this, if you want to understand the Rackspace vs AWS comparison then, you need to know the key features of Rackspace webmail services. The unique functionalities of this webmail consist of seamless email hosting, hassle-free web-based accessibility, mailbox management, easy contact along with calendar management, high-end security features, and so on. Now, you might have a clear understanding related to the significance of using the Rackspace webmail. Now, let’s head to know about the features offered by Amazon Web Services. 

What is AWS Workmail? Know How Rackspace better than AWS 

AWS Workmail is considered one of the most secure and eminent cloud-based email services. Similar to other cloud-based email platforms, AWS is specifically designed and incorporated with the business or company needs. Instead of discussing the difference between Rackspace vs AWS, you need to first understand the features of AWS Workmail. 

In simple words, the significance of using AWS Workmail consists of providing the privilege to businesses and professionals to errorlessly migrate their email systems to cloud-based services. Moreover, it helps individuals to protect and manage their data with more security parameters. The effective features of this Workmail include flawless functionality of the calendar, managing emails, controlling data, and most interestingly, configuration in the Microsoft Outlook application. With this, let’s move forward to know Rackspace better than AWS.

Rackspace vs AWS: Explain the Top 5 Difference 

In the following section, we will mainly do the comparison between Rackspace and AWS in detail. However, with the above-mentioned discussion, you get an overview of why professionals use these email services. Now, we are delving into the comparison section of these cloud-based email services so, keep in mind and choose the right option. 

1. Robust Features:- Rackspace and AWS are well-recognized email-hosting solutions. Moreover, Amazon Workmail offers amazing features for its users. These are data encryption, email management, calendar scheduling, and most interestingly, anti-malware features. 

On the flip side, Rackspace webmail provides basic features like web access, email forwarding, and email data storage. Therefore, Rackspace transfer email to AWS is considered the right choice for the users as it significantly offers more security features compared to Rackspace. 

2. Seamless Integration:- If you’re searching for an explanation of Rackspace better than AWS then, you need to know the difference between these cloud-based email services in detail. Speaking about AWS Workmail, it can flawlessly offer better options to integrate with different applications such as Microsoft Outlook. 

On the other hand, Rackspace webmail offers limited features for the integration of third-party applications. Moreover, it is better to use AWS Workmail compared to Rackspace emails.

3. Pricing Factor:- While discussing the difference between Rackspace vs AWS, it is important to know the plans offered by both email services. Moreover, Amazon Workmail offers different level pricing options based on the features. Besides this, these are convenient to pay for and used by professionals. 

However, Rackspace pricing structure is based on the number of mailboxes and it is the better option for small businesses. Moreover, for huge organizations, AWS is the best go-to cloud-based email system. 

4. Security:- AWS Workmail is widely recognized for its security features. Moreover, it allows users to avail the features of data security while using encryption and anti-malware protection. Besides this, it holds specific compliances for data management and protection such as SOC 2. 

Apart from Amazon Workmail, Rackspace also provides minimal security options for businesses to safeguard their data from any kind of risk and threat. Now, you get the answer that Rackspace better than AWS. 

5. User-friendly Experience:- There is no doubt that AWS provides more security features, therefore, it consists of basic technicalities and complexities. On the other hand, Rackspace email services are easy to use and set up for any professional. 

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The Bottom Line

In this following article, we have completely discussed the features of Amazon Workmail and Rackspace email services. Also, in the comparison section of Rackspace vs AWS, you get the answer that Amazon Workmail is quite a better option than Rackspace. However, both have their own set of unique features that allow professionals to use and build seamless networks with others. Also, experts recommend AWS Workmail due to its high-end data security and convenient pricing options. 

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