Seven Effective Productivity and Performance Tips and Tools for Call Center Managers

A call center manager’s duties include more than just leading a staff; they also include looking for ways to improve and innovate processes for better outcomes. The ability to create an atmosphere where employees may succeed is quite different from the job of managing individuals. It necessitates a serious effort to understand the requirements of the workers and provide them with the greatest technical or interpersonal support. Here, we’ll discuss various tools and tips for managers in efficient inbound call center services to get the best outcomes for their workforces and operations by employing a leading customer support outsourcing partner. 

Best Tips and Tools for Call Center Managers to Improve Productivity and Performance.

1. For outbound calls and automatic callbacks, use call center dialers.

How long does it take you to catch up on missed calls? Or deliver updates, notifications, and announcements? It can take a long time to dial a lot of numbers, wait for connections, hear busy tones, and leave voicemails.

An efficient inbound call center must use a call center dialer that automates outgoing calls and callbacks rather than manually going through the call list. Even automated calls for email follow-up are possible to implement using technology, provided your customer relationship program is coupled with your call center dialer. If so, the call system will immediately retrieve the customer’s data and show their name, account details, and all other relevant information.

2. Invest in an automated call distributor.

Setting up an automated call distributor (ACD) is simple. It is straightforward to set up the allocation of specific customers to a specific agent or agent group.

So, with a comprehensive ACD, even complex routing demands can be effectively managed in an efficient inbound call center. It will become even more versatile with an IVR-based call distributor that can connect with your customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Consider the situation when you wish to refer a customer to a certain advisor, but there is a possibility that the representative may be overburdened or unavailable at that moment. So, with a fallback rule to cover all your bases, you may design a primary routing policy to suit your preferences.

Various automatic routing configurations may be created depending on various agent capabilities, customer preferences, and other relevant factors.

So, you can relax knowing that you do not need a human agent to manage your call distribution manually. Also, you can speed up this process and greatly increase the productivity of your contact center with a sophisticated ACD.

3. Employ call-monitoring software.

The best approach for ensuring quality is through call monitoring and constant evaluation of customer interactions in an outbound or inbound contact center. Also, managers must be able to reach out and intervene at any moment.

They can deliver focused quality assurance by listening in on calls and providing agents with enlightening instructions. However, how do you choose which calls to pick up?

Random drop-ins or continuous supervision are not a practical or effective call center strategy. It is the main factor for the growing innovation of modern call monitoring technologies.

Intelligent call center systems can listen on your behalf, looking for customer behavior, agent adherence to scripts, and customer engagement levels.

Also, these AI-powred quality management solutions will teach you about phone queues, campaign analytics, and agent performance for efficient inbound call center services.

4. Keep a record of each customer call.

Remember, monitoring and call recording go hand in hand. You might wish to listen again to conversations where the level of service declined or the agents showed excellent performance. Or perhaps look into a customer’s complaint.

A technology that records every call and associates it with the customer ticket will enable you to accomplish this easily in your efficient inbound call center.

You may more precisely determine training needs by creating an extensive recording database. As a result, agent performance and overall productivity will be significantly enhanced.

Transcripts can really be created automatically. When you need a short call summary, having transcripts on hand saves a ton of time. You can also extract information from transcripts for training reasons or additional performance analysis.

5. Capture the screens of your agents.

What could be superior to tracking and evaluating performance? Observe everything your agents are looking at and have real-time access to your agents’ screens. You’ll always have a complete view of your agent’s activities.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what your agents do when they’re off-site or working from home, now you can check it out for yourself. Additionally, there will not be any additional equipment or installations required for these solutions. But this goes beyond agents alone. It may be used to evaluate how well your processes and operating systems are performing. Also, it will assist you in creating training curricula based on the actual conduct of your agents.

6. Integrate workforce management tools.

You do not need to micromanage your agents to maintain a successful business. The more complex your scheduling is, the more effective a competent solution will be at handling it. Consider using some workforce management strategies; with the right tool, your workloads will be optimized to deliver the finest customer service in an efficient inbound call center.

It accomplishes this by weighing agent availability and skill levels against your call volume and service level objectives. The result is the perfect scheduling for your workforce.

7. Make use of productivity and time management tools.

Everyone will become more productive using specialized time management tools in an efficient inbound contact center. You may gather insights, discover how to improve productivity, and measure how long agents take to complete tasks or projects with such applications. It will highlight where specific agents lack and what prevents your center from progressing to the next level. 

Both small inbound contact center services and huge operations can benefit from productivity solutions. It will also seamlessly interact with the rest of your technological stack because many apps integrate with one another.


How much effort can you devote to implementing these suggestions, and how much time can you save using them? Operations at call centers are complex and chaotic, requiring the management of several variables. But you don’t have to take care of things by yourself. Engage a leading customer support outsourcing with extensive experience in efficient inbound call center services to best deploy workforce and technological solutions for your operation.

Adopt feature-rich solutions with integration possibilities that increase productivity, simplify contact center operations, and enjoy the services of skilled pools of reps and contact center teams from a reputed BPM service provider.

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